Energy & Climate

Energy and Climate

As a major contributor to overhead expenditures, uncertainty in market supply and costs, and an increase in voluntary and regulatory demands for environmental responsibility, energy & greenhouse gas (GHG) management is emerging as a central element of any path towards sustainability. SRG brings a depth of experience and professionalism to our work with customized solutions for small to medium sized organizations throughout North America. We can position your organization as a leader while reducing future risks by taking an aggressive stance on energy and climate-related issues.

  • Strategy development – To become a sustainable organization requires management of risks while realizing your opportunities for business growth and stability. SRG can help to develop a comprehensive approach to navigate the emerging realm of energy & climate related issues.
  • Energy & GHG inventory – Developing an energy & GHG inventory is an integral step to effective management of energy & GHG issues whether developing a baseline, tracking reductions, or serving as a means to engage stakeholder’s through voluntary reporting.
  • Custom tools and dashboard development – SRG has the capability to deliver customized solutions to meet a client’s inventory tracking and management needs.
  • Efficiency & Conservation – Through onsite assessments to educational services, SRG provides resources to help your organization identify key opportunities for energy efficiency and conservation.
  • Voluntary reporting – Engage your stakeholders while positioning your organization as a leader with reporting to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), or other recognized format.
  • Staff Training


  • WRI / GHG Protocol


  • Experience throughout North America & internationally
  • Customized tools for small to medium sized business