Chemical Assessment and Management

SRG promotes obtaining a complete and accurate picture of potential chemical concerns. This requires taking a whole-systems perspective. To achieve this perspective, a thorough chemical assessment is conducted using SRG’s established protocol. The following elements are typically included in the design of the chemical assessment:

  1. Identify chemicals being used in your operation for products, processes and maintenance.
  2. Consideration of all chemicals lost to the environment through air emissions, water discharges and waste generation;
  3. Not limiting the assessment to just regulated chemicals, but also including an assessment of emerging chemicals of concern that are not yet regulated, but for which the weight-of-evidence is mounting;
  4. Using the whole-systems perspective, recognize that chemicals can affect multiple lifecycle impact categories which may increase risk; and
  5. Recognize that chemicals can have different exposure routes and impacts at different life-cycle stages of a product, so include these significant aspects when developing a plan.
  6. Establish or update a formal inventory and management process to incorporate new findings.
  7. Integrate chemical knowledge into the new product or process design protocol.