Sustainable Research Group (SRG) is an organization of experienced industry professionals dedicated to identifying, documenting, and improving business performance by using principles that move our clients to and beyond “green” to become economically sound, environmentally healthy, and socially responsible.


Our clients include manufacturers, service companies, governmental and institutional organizations that recognize the value of sustainable business practices to maximize resource efficiency and stakeholder reputation.


Our aim: to develop a sustainable business philosophy that works to reduce operating costs, improve access to the “green” customer and enhance its reputation to stakeholders.


Please visit the other pages of this website to learn more about SRG’s mission, credentials, and services. We provide high-powered, results-driven sustainability services to help enrich our customers and put them on the path to sustainability.


Our Purpose:

Sustainable Research Group helps manufacturers, service companies, governmental and institutional organizations identify, document, and improve performance by working to simultaneously improve their organization’s ecological integrity, economy vitality and social equity. By combining all three aspects of sustainability, an organization can lead, innovate and thrive. That’s true sustainability.


Code of Conduct:

In achieving our purpose Sustainable Research Group subscribes to the following operating principles:

  • Create a Competitive Advantage – We help our clients use environmental innovation to create an economic advantage that is not shared by market competitors.
  • Promote Community – We at Sustainable Research Group work collaboratively with our partners to encourage and enhance a sense of community, both within the scope of our projects and within the boundaries of influence of the organizations we serve.
  • Restore the Web of Life – We seek alternatives to current activities that depend on hazardous or toxic substances. We will help develop solutions that provide cyclically renewable technical or biological inputs to our client’s products or processes wherever technically and economically feasible.
  • Operate in an Ethical Manner – SRG provides a sound moral foundation for our stakeholders to experience trust, equality, honor and personal growth in their dealings with SRG.


Everything we do is designed to make your company or organization more sustainable economically, environmentally and in a socially equitable manner.


Our Approach:

At Sustainable Research Group, we believe that global competition for natural resources will drive organizations to seek maximum resource efficiency in the design, production and delivery of their products and services. SRG provides its clients with a unique set of intellectual assets in applied research, project development and management to help clients achieve strategic goals.


SRG helps identify major improvements in raw material usage to promote a culture of continual improvement through the development of environmental business metrics and to foster the creation of innovative products and services that solve existing or anticipated problems for our client’s employees, customers and investors. Whether your company designs and manufactures office furniture, vehicles or professional services, SRG will add improved structure, performance and credibility to your sustainability initiatives.


Global economic, social and environmental systems are now changing at such a rapid pace that business leaders are beginning to develop long-range plans that re-evaluate their strategic role in the market place. They are beginning to assess the ecological impact of their products and services on earth’s ecosystems and the environmental and social impact on their customers. Existing operations and new products that perform at a higher level with less energy use, lower water consumption and less hazardous constituents will offer a distinct competitive advantage in the future.


Incorporating these two new dimensions to an organization’s strategic approach has helped define environmental sustainability for global commerce.