Sustainability is a process rooted in principles that are economically sound, environmentally friendly and socially responsible.
SRG is dedicated to identifying, documenting, and improving business performance by using principles that move our clients to and beyond “green” to become economically sound, environmentally healthy, and socially responsible.
How We Can Help
  • Engage our experienced sustainability staff to achieve your goals
  • Chart a course through the rapidly changing sustainability imperative
  • Improve your access to the “Green Customer”
  • Employ sustainable business practices to reduce operating costs
  • Validate your green marketing claims
  • Reduce your company’s environmental footprint

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I participated in the Associated Industries of Massachusetts Sustainability round table Tuesday. Some of the other companies that participated (Raytheon) were really impressed with the (sustainability) systems we’ve put in place to meet level requirements (e.g., Supply Chain Surveys, Design for the Environment, Global Reporting Initiative, Carbon Disclosure Project); it was really good to know that what we’re doing is working. Thanks, SRG!
Amy TransueDirector of Inside SalesAIS, Inc.